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  • Tips to Train like a MMA Fighter


    Being a professional fighter is something that not many kids say they want to be growing up, but with the recent popularity of the sport, is something that has been developing in teen years. Professional mixed martial artists are some of the most conditioned, strongest and mentally tough athletes in the world and anyone looking to get their body in ideal fighting shape can follow in the footsteps of some of the best fighters in the world like Urijah Faber and Miesha Tate. These fighters spend their entire lives training to be the best and you can too by following these simple tips.

    Improve Your Cardio


    Even if you don’t want to step inside the Octagon to compete in an MMA event, the better off your cardiovascular health, the stronger you will be at anything you do physically. If you lose your breathe after walking up two flights of stairs, you may realize that you need to change something. You can change your diet, hit the treadmill and start jumping rope. By combining these three aspects of training, you will improve your cardio health and be able to go a couple rounds if you need to.

    Test Your Strength

    To train like a fighter, you need to push yourself and test your strength like you never have before. When you watch MMA champions prepare for their fights with giant tires, 450 pound jerk lifts and hours in the gym at a time, they aren’t doing it only because they like. They are doing this to push their strength and build muscle and so they can develop extra power. By testing your body with workouts outside your comfort zone, your strength will increase drastically.

    Build Your Endurance

    The regular gym warriors think they have the best endurance in the world, but compared to MMA fighters, don’t even come close. To build your endurance up to the heights of an MMA fighter, there are numerous exercises you can do that will work. From box jumps and Swiss-ball rollouts to push presses and dumbbell bench presses, you will improve your overall health with just a few weeks of these explosive workouts. The more you do each workout, the more comfortable you will be and the higher the likelihood that your endurance will improve.



    Stretching is an important part of being a professional MMA fighter. When a fighter goes to war for 25 minutes in a title fight, they will use just about every part of their body in the process. If you don’t stretch your entire body, you wouldn’t be able to compete in a fight of this magnitude without pulling a muscle, cramping or getting tired. The ability to stretch and be flexible is a major part of being able to pull off submission moves from your back in an MMA fight.

    Mentally Prepare Yourself

    The mental aspect of the professional fighting game is one of the most overlooked in the sport. Over the years, we have seen dozens of fighters that had the physical ability to compete at a high level, but struggle inside the cage because they weren’t mentally tough to be there. One way to make sure you aren’t one of those fighters that can’t cut it because your head isn’t there is to constantly prepare to go to war. Even when you are at the gym and have a light day, you need to treat it like your most difficult day. To train like a professional MMA cage fighter, you need to remind yourself at all times that there is no such thing as a light day.Whether your goal is to step inside a cage to fight MMA or just to get in the best shape of your life, these are many of the top exercises you can do that will allow to train like a cage fighter. Being a successful MMA fighter requires an equal mixture of cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and mental toughness. Once you find the right mixture, you will be well on your way.

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  • Do You Love Your Body? Are You satisfied With Your Fitness Results?


    If I ask you DO YOU LOVE YOUR BODY the way it is. What would you say? I guess most of you will say NO. Even I had a hard time accepting my body and loving it with all my heart. In today’s world where all we could see are the beautiful actress/models posing sexily everywhere, it is really difficult to accept our body which has flaws. Even people you judge on the basis of your appearance and you are living with the guilt and fear of rejection. This happens and it happens with me also.

    When I was fat people made fun of me and it hurts badly but I learnt to accept my body the way it is. When you start to love your body then only you will be able to take care of it properly and if you hate your body then you won’t be able to treat it properly.


    Accepting your body is not easy but you have to learn to say I LOVE MY BODY when you stand in front of mirror. You can’t live happily with the guilt and worry about how you look. Free yourself with this guilt. God has made your body, learn to respect it. I just can’t stand people you judge you by your looks. If they comment about your looks show them your middle finger, you don’t need people like this in your life. Here are some tips on how you can learn to love your body:

    Accept your body: The god has created your body with purpose, learn to accept it. If you continue to hate your body you will never be at peace. But if you cherish your body then you will be able to nourish it and take care of it. Stand in front of mirror and you will definitely find something beautiful about your body be it your hands, lips, eyes, legs.

    Feel comfortable in your body: If you feel uncomfortable about your body image, you will feel low on confidence. You won’t be able to talk properly with people. On the other hand if you feel comfortable and confident about your body you will be able to concentrate on work and attract people.

    See more than weighing scale: Stop focusing on the number on scale. Look for other things like your hairs, your skin etc. If you shift your focus to better thing you will be able to feel happier. If you really want to change your body in terms of losing weight then start a workout activity. It will make you feel better.


    Don’t criticize your body: Criticizing your body in front of your friends and family will only you feel worst. Instead focus on other good things in your life. If you are fat and doesn’t look the way you want to then it is not the end. Your life is worth living.

    Stop comparing: Comparing yourself to other is the worst thing that you are doing with yourself. Don’t feel bad if someone has great figure and you don’t have. You are unique and gorgeous the way you are.Don’t get influenced by others: If people are judging you on the basis of the way you look then they are not worth your time. Get rid of negative people around you. People will have opinion about you but you have to choose how you take their opinion.

    Nobody is perfect: Even the models, actress whom perfect pictures you see are not perfect in real life. They also have flaws but since their job is to look beautiful so they do it with the help of photographer, hair stylish, and makeup artist.You are beautiful the way you are: Always remember God has created you beautifully. You are God creation, how can you be not beautiful.